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3. May, 2021
2. Mar, 2021

Generous review on Amazon by Matthew Lewis - much appreciated at a busy time when he has just taken on chairmanship of the Richard III Society.   

22. Feb, 2021

Just about 12 months of concentrated work from start to finish, my new paperback book Domenico Mancini: de occupatione regni Anglie is now in the hands of the distributors:  

Domenico Mancini - Troubador Book Publishing

The price is £10, and I must say a word of kudos to Barnwell Print Ltd., my wonderful printers in Aylsham, Norfolk, who are a joy to work with. Quality and attention to detail are the reason why this is the 4th self-published book I have entrusted to them. 

I know only a handful of people will buy this book, so I was tempted to do a comparison of sales of my Richard III series. This is how the numbers stack up as at the end of 2020:

Richard III: The Maligned King = 11,500

Richard III: A Small Guide to the Great Debate = 3,500

Finding Richard III: The Official Account = approx 5,000

Richard Duke of Gloucester as Lord Protector and High Constable = 850

Some of them are rather niche interest, but overall that's around 20,000 books, all of which have had something new to say about King Richard. What next, I wonder?

18. Feb, 2021

For anyone in doubt (yes, really) my new edition of Mancini publishes the Latin text in parallel with the English translation. With full acknowledgement and permission. As anyone who knows me would expect.

16. Feb, 2021

At last, after a year working in lockdown, I am looking forward to delivery of my new edition of Mancini next week. While the solitude enabled me to master such a challenging task, the state of the publishing industry has shown me what a bad moment I chose! Sadly I can no longer fulfil customer purchases of books from home –  but at least it will be available on Amazon. Please check my ‘Ricardian Topics’ page for a few pointers to why I think anyone interested in Richard III will find this edition worth its small place on their bookshelf.