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4. Oct, 2020

Great news! I've just heard from the USA-based League of WW1 Aviation Historians that I have won the 2019 Thornton B. Hooper Award for Excellence in Aviation History in the Best Biography class. I wish I could say they’ve given this award to my book Camel Pilot Supreme: Captain DV Armstrong DFC, but actually it’s for a biographical piece about Captain Armstrong I contributed to their magazine 'Over the Front' published last Autumn. It comes hot on the heels of a really heartwarming book review by fellow aviation historian Alex Henshaw, who knows a thing or two about the air history of the Great War. I'll try to take a scan and post Alex's review on my DV Armstrong page. Just the pick-me-up needed on this wet and windy weekend.

16. Sep, 2020

Something unfortunate has happened with the Richard III Society's listing of Richard Duke of Gloucester as Lord Protector and High Constable of England - it's been left off their printed sales catalogue for the second year running. They've promised it will be in the next one (September 2021) but that will make two years it's been missing! They have plenty in stock, having recently re-ordered supplies. So in the interim I'm just having to rely on word of mouth. Please, if you think this book reveals some important things about Richard which hadn't previously been brought to notice, please would you recommend it? Or put a review somewhere, whether online or in a local Ricardian newsletter? It's a private publication that I can't get published commercially, so there won't be a reprint. Thanks for any support you can give.

31. Mar, 2020

Queen Anne Neville is depicted separately by Rous, who places her in his heraldic roll in the section devoted to her Warwick family, his patrons.

31. Mar, 2020

Here are the original figures drawn by Rous. The MS is not in great condition and hence the colour reproduction is problematic, but this gives you a fair idea. Shown here are Richard III and his son Edward of Middleham, Prince of Wales.

31. Mar, 2020

When Caroline Halsted produced her magisterial biography of Richard III in 1844 she wanted an illustration as authentic as possible, and hence she commissioned this line drawing being a representation of the drawings of Richard and his family by John Rous in the Latin roll which is presently in the possession of the College of Arms.