28. Aug, 2019

It's at the warehouse!

Not long now until I have Camel Pilot Supreme in my hands at last. Matthew Potts at P&S Promotion has done a sterling job - he and text editor Richard Doherty have been the saving grace at Pen & Sword.

I hope anyone who loves flying will embrace my young subject and enjoy getting to know him through these 264 pages and 175 illustrations (I counted them eventually!). I think Armstrong would be pleased to know his full story has at last been told, but most of all I think he'd appreciate the depictions of some of his aerial feats in the colour section by artist Lynn Williams. Unrecorded by film, alas, he had no chance to see them himself. But Lynn's visualizations bring them to life in vibrant full colour, including his tailchase underneath the bridges of the Thames (detail below). This you have to see in its full glory!