2. Jul, 2019

Today's news - working on the colour plate section

For most of June I was contacting online book retailers, getting them to remove my publisher's blurb and substitute my own (accurate!) synopsis and author biography. We're getting there ...

Meanwhile I'm working on proofs of the 16-page colour plate section - a mix of portraits, pictures of Armstrong's various aeroplanes, and fabulous action paintings of some of his wonderful feats of airmanship. Rash to make a promise, but most will be entirely new to most readers: even aero historians will find images they've never seen before.

All my aviation books have been copiously illustrated - Flight Fantastic had over 300 pictures, and this new one will have well over 150. <thinks: I need to count them!>

The sad thing is that still photography can never do justice to flight, so we'll never see the exploits of an entire generation of brilliant early pilots. Thank goodness for the amazing talents of aviation artist Lynn Williams. Can't attach an entire picture, but here's a small detail.