31. Mar, 2019

Camel Pilot Supreme: Captain D V Armstrong

Things move slowly in the world of Pen & Sword.  If anyone has seen an illustration of this book's front cover on a site like Amazon, please disregard it: it was rejected eight weeks ago!

Please also disregard the extraordinarily pedestrian and inaccurate blurb they've attached to it. Who writes this stuff? Don't they read the book first? And why don't they use the written material I've given them??? Worse still, if anyone looks at this supposed synopsis they'll assume my book is pedestrian and inaccurate too. <sigh>

Authors who have slaved on a subject for months and years, making it authentic and gripping, get a raw deal when publishers brush aside their intimate knowledge and expertise. It's not my habit to go public with a howl of protest, but I can't sit silent when they shove this kind of stuff out to the media.

Dear friends and readers, please be patient and trust the meticulous care and accuracy I am famed for. You'll love the book, I promise - and the 150+ pictures and original illustrations. I just need to get Pen & Sword to love it too.