4. Dec, 2018

Beware printing error

I need to advise anyone who has recently purchased Richard III: The Maligned King that there has been a regrettable printing error – the colour plate section has been printed in black and white.

This is particularly distressing as I spent a lot of effort (and close to £2,000) on sourcing and licensing a set of compelling colour images, some of them very unusual, including the first portrait of Princess Joanna of Portugal ever to have been published in a book about Richard.

The publishers have frozen their stocks and are looking into this as a matter of urgency. It’s my hope that they will replace any defective books purchased. I just want to apologize to purchasers and advise you that we do know what has happened and hopefully the situation will be rectified, although I don’t yet have a specific undertaking in this respect. Please stand by for updates.