8. Mar, 2015

A few interim notes

I've been prevented from updating any news about the reburial of Richard III because of the ongoing campaign for the university to allow him to lie - or at least be coffined - in a place of religion. We expect some news soon.

Meanwhile I have gone on record as applauding the Cathedral Board for agreeing to some improvements in their tomb design, and most importantly for discarding the ossuary and instead agreeing to allow King Richard to be laid out anatomically, which was how we found him and how he had lain for over 500 years. It is gratifying to know that now he will lie that way until he crumbles to dust.

Regarding the reburial week's activities: Unfortunately the Richard III Society has announced my presence at certain events without asking me first. At the moment I don't even know my own schedule, so I certainly haven't confirmed whatever it is the Society says I am attending. I hope my friends won't be misled: I have asked the Society to issue corrections. When I finalize my activities I'll update them here and on my Facebook page.