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18. May, 2021

I gather the full quota of 100 spaces for my talk on 23 May has been filled, even without any advertising by the Richard III Society. LOL
At the request of those who will miss it, I am happy to give the same talk via Zoom to any branch or group that would like to host it. Just don't ask me to host it myself! 
This Zooming is ideal for me as I can't do much travelling now (had to give up my car due to eyesight). And it's a problem finding a home from home while I'm away for Martha, who is now even older than me in doggy years!
Looking forward to seeing many friends on Sunday - of the personal kind and the Facebook kind.

7. May, 2021

I find myself overflowing with Ricardian ideas – this is the penalty for translating and analysing Mancini! I’ve been working on an article about the episode at Stony Stratford between Richard and the Woodvilles, and am giving a talk on this via Zoom on 23 May at 14.00 (to Richard III Society members). This article has been rapidly growing. Essentially I am trying to get my head around why the confrontation with the Woodvilles actually happened, and a new idea has suddenly entered  my head. Do I write a second article? Do I make my current one even longer? If so, who will publish it? Who will even read it? In the immortal words of Scarlett O’Hara, I’ll think about that tomorrow. First I must get this all down in writing ...

3. May, 2021

After a trying few months, I've managed to organize fulfilling online orders again - so all my self-published Ricardian books are now on sale in my Online Store. 'Richard III:The Maligned King' is of course available via all good bookshops. 
As a result of my latest work on Mancini I'm now writing about the events of 29-30 April 1483 at Northampton and Stony Stratford, and preparing a new talk about this interesting episode on Zoom.

3. May, 2021
2. Mar, 2021

Generous review on Amazon by Matthew Lewis - much appreciated at a busy time when he has just taken on chairmanship of the Richard III Society.