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My latest research continues concentrating on Richard III when he was Richard Duke of Gloucester, and his dual role of Lord Protector and High Constable of England. From April to June 1483 was a key period in his life which I covered in depth in my last book (Richard Duke of Gloucester as Lord Protector ... etc.), but it has been poorly served in the narratives of the day. I have therefore undertaken a thoroughgoing new edition and translation of the text written in 1483 by Domenico Mancini, which has been accepted too easily in its original translation by C.A.J. Armstrong. Domenico Mancini: de occupatione regni Anglie was published on 22 February 2021.

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Archived Articles

Here are some links to articles of mine, published and unpublished.

The Architecture of the Tower: researches relating to some bones found in 1674 (published 2011)

Did the Sons of Edward IV Survive? (published 2014)

The Tower and the Princes (2012/2020)

The Questionable Legend of Henry Wyatt (published 2012)

Henry IV's Claim to the Throne (2014, unpublished)

Dafydd Llwyd's Poem (2008, letter published in the Ricardian Bulletin responding to Dr Andrew Breeze's translation of Dafydd Llwyd's Welsh poem instigated by Henry Tudor about the latter's victory at Bosworth)

Not Without Precedent (2013, letter published in the Ricardian Bulletin correcting a claim by Charles Ross in his biography of Richard III)

The Summer of 1483: Who was doing what, where, with whom and why (published 2008)

A Fresh Look at Sources (published 2008)

How Richard III was Outmanoeuvred by Henry Tudor (published 2008)

The Case of the Duchess's Missing Robes (published 2013, inspired by followers of Philippa Gregory)

Notes towards the definition of a tyrant (published 2013, on Christopher Skidmore's Bosworth and the Birth of the Tudors)

Edward of Middleham's Birth (published 2016)

Edward of Middleham's Death  (published 2017)

The Marriage of Lady Anne Neville and Richard Duke of Gloucester  (published 2016)

The Marriage of Lady Anne Neville and the Lancastrian Prince of Wales (published 2017)

A Tale of Three Mistresses, Mangled by Thomas More

Sir George Buc(k)'s 'History of King Richard III' (published 2020 in Dickon Independent, the magazine of the Worcester Branch of the Richard III Society) 

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Here's an item on the Nerdalicious website, 24 June 2014, which introduces a roundtable discussion on the possible survival of the sons of Edward IV: