CAMEL PILOT SUPREME: CAPTAIN D.V.ARMSTRONG Armstrong performing one of his grass-cutting flick rolls, sensationally depicted on the cover by artist Lynn Williams

Flight Fantastic: The Illustrated History of Aerobatics

Since I'm now working on a tribute to WWI pilot Captain D.V. Armstrong, perhaps it would be good to post an image of the cover of Flight Fantastic and a few of the reviews it received.

Captain Armstrong's story features on pp. 57-9 together with a portrait of his all-red Sopwith Camel (see DVA sub-page).

The book was published in 1986 when I was Team Manager of the British Aerobatic Team at the FAI World Championships; it has 320 pages and so many illustrations (colour and b/w) that I've never counted them.

I thought of adding some reviews because I've never seen any in cyberspace - this was long before online bookselling of course.




From 'Pilot' magazine

'Pilots International' (part 1)

'Pilots International' (part 2) ... and ... 'Aerospace' (Royal Aeronautical Society)