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Richard of Gloucester as Protector and Constable

Price: 10.00 GBP
For a few crucial weeks Richard of Gloucester combined in his person two offices whose significance has been consistently misunderstood and overlooked. In Part I this study traces their origins and development, and in Part II examines the principal events during his protectorate in the context of both offices, viewed from the perspective of 15th-century precedent rather than 16th-century hindsight.

Richard III: The Maligned King

Price: 12.00 GBP
This is the revised/updated 2013 paperback edition of my book, originally published in 2008, which dared to take a new look at the events of Richard III's reign viewed exclusively from the perspective of accounts dating from around his lifetime - before the Tudor version of history took over. Price is inclusive of UK postage.

Richard III: A Small Guide to the Great Debate

Price: 6.00 GBP
A condensed guide to the controversy that surrounds Richard III, explaining how the arguments have raged for 400 years, and what are the main facts that everyone disagrees about. Price is inclusive of UK postage.