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1. Feb, 2019

It's taken two months but I can now confirm that The History Press have withdrawn the defective copies of 'The Maligned King' and they tell me the latest reprint has the colour plates restored. If anyone has a dud copy without colour plates I suggest trying to get The History Press to replace it - try Jonathan Harris at

If unsuccessful please contact me via this website (see email address on my 'Online Store' page) and I will replace your book at my own exoense.

4. Dec, 2018

I need to advise anyone who has recently purchased Richard III: The Maligned King that there has been a regrettable printing error – the colour plate section has been printed in black and white.

This is particularly distressing as I spent a lot of effort (and close to £2,000) on sourcing and licensing a set of compelling colour images, some of them very unusual, including the first portrait of Princess Joanna of Portugal ever to have been published in a book about Richard.

The publishers have frozen their stocks and are looking into this as a matter of urgency. It’s my hope that they will replace any defective books purchased. I just want to apologize to purchasers and advise you that we do know what has happened and hopefully the situation will be rectified, although I don’t yet have a specific undertaking in this respect. Please stand by for updates.


11. Nov, 2018

Captain D.V. Armstrong, DFC. 'Remembered for his skill and modesty' [Gen Jan Christian Smuts]

19. Oct, 2018

They say you should never meet your heroes, but I’m happy to say I was blown away last week when I met Roger ‘Dodge’ Bailey. As chief pilot of the Shuttleworth Collection, he’d been generously responding to myriad detailed questions by email on flying the F.1 Camel. His technical knowledge is unrivalled, and he’s one of the mere handful of living pilots who can claim to have grappled with the little beast powered by a proper rotary engine. Last week he let me get acquainted with the Collection’s D1851 at Old Warden, and I can only say Dodge is one of the nicest, most welcoming and most patient of hosts imaginable.

18. Oct, 2018

How I wish I had enough time to keep my Blog up to date! For many moons I’ve been intending to note that I have a publishing contract with Air World (an imprint of Pen & Sword) for my biography of Captain D.V. Armstrong which will be titled “Camel Pilot Supreme”. The text is delivered, and right now we’re working on the images.

I’m pleased to say they’re on board with my proposal for over 100 photographs integrated with the text. In addition we’ll have a 16-page colour section, which will include artwork by the renowned aviation artist Lynn Williams depicting some of Armstrong’s legendary performances (or ‘stunts’ in the jargon of the day). One of them will illustrate Billy Bishop's description of DVA leading his Flight in a tailchase under the bridges of the Thames. Yes, they were underflying bridges as early as World War One!

With any luck the book should be out next summer.